About Witspower

About Witspower

About Witspower

Witspower is a reputable products series brand that focuses on the research and manufacturing superior ingredients for cognitive health. Its featured branded ingredinets including CitiCogni Citicoline, TheanBio L-Theanine, FCOGNI Phosphatidylserine etc.

With the growth of social pressure and population aging, more and more people pay attention to their brain health. For middle-aged people, They started to focus on cognitive decline, they hope to use brain nutrition products to improve cognition, enhance memory, and prevent cognitive diseases. Also in modern urban life, young people have higher requirements for the concentration, focus and attention of the brain consciousness, especially for those who do physical exercise a lot. In addition, there are learning groups like students, who are eager to enhance memory during the learning process. So that’s why Witspower exists, We hope to provide the superior ingredients for congnitive health in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and dietary supplement industries.

Witspower belongs to Lifewe Bioengineering Holdings, a leading enterprise in the synthetic biology field, and is responsible for manufacturing based in China, and we have our US branch company named Yesherb Group Inc based in California.

After years of hard work, Witspower has successfully provided customers with better, more cost-effective, and sustainable innovative products, which have received widespread recognition and acclaim. We firmly believes in the concept of using synthetic biology technology to empower microorganisms and improve human health. We insist on using the green manufacturing methods and make contribution to both human life and the environment.


Enterprise Culture

Brand: Witspower

Brand Value: Superior ingredients manufacturer for congnitive health

US Sales Company: Yesherb Group Inc

Shareholders & Manufacturer: Lifewe Bioengineering

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Tel: +1 213 554 2947

E-mail: info@witspower.com

WhatsApp: +86 186 2946 5189

Skype: howey8825

Add: 895 S Rockefeller Ave, Suite 101, Ontario, CA91761

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