About Witspower

About Witspower

About Witspower

Witspower is a reputable brand that focuses on the research and development of raw materials for brain health ingredients. It is a well-known supplier of superior ingredients for brain health-related products used in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and dietary supplement industries. As a part of Yesherb Group Inc, which is responsible for local marketing and sales, Witspower is invested by Lifewe Bioengineering Holdings, a leading enterprise in the synthetic biology field, and is responsible for manufacturing.

The increasing social pressure and aging population have led to a growing demand for brain nutrition products that can improve cognition, enhance memory, and prevent diseases such as senile dementia. This trend is not limited to the elderly but also extends to younger people who need to concentrate and focus more, such as athletes and students. Witspower understands these needs and provides solutions through its featured products Citicoline and Phosphatidylserine.

After years of hard work, Witspower has successfully provided customers with better, more cost-effective, and sustainable innovative products, which have received widespread recognition and acclaim. The company firmly believes in the concept of using synthetic biology technology to empower microorganisms and improve human health. Its commitment to “Enabling the Microbes, Powering the Nature” is reflected in its use of green manufacturing methods that prioritize the health of both consumers and the environment.

Witspower is based in America but serves the world, and it continues to research and explore the field of human brain health to provide innovative and effective solutions for people worldwide. As a reliable raw material citicoline supplier, Witspower is dedicated to providing high-quality raw materials for its customers to create excellent brain health products that help people improve their quality of life. 


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Brand: Witspower

Brand Vision: Make your brain powerful

US Sales Company: Yesherb Group Inc

Shareholders & Manufacturer: Lifewe Bioengineering

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