Do you really know Phosphatidylserine?

Mar. 22, 2023

Hi, this is Witspower, the company focus on superior brain health ingredients. Today we would like to share some information about “Phosphatidylserine”, the hot superior ingredients for brain health with you.

Phosphatidylserine abbreviated as PS. It is also called Serine Phospholipids. It is a natural phospholipid, S is an important component of cell membranes.

PS is abundant in brain nerve cells and is called "brain nutrients". About 50% of the dry weight of the nerve cell membrane of the human brain is phospholipids.

Its function is mainly to improve the function of nerve cells, regulate the conduction of nerve impulses, enhance brain memory function, effectively prevent and reduce brain function attenuation.

Do you really know Phosphatidylserine?cid=4

Source of phosphatidylserine

In early years, PS was extracted from bovine brains, and since the first mad cow disease appeared in the UK, PS with higher purity was developed from soybeans in consideration of safety.

PS is present in all animals, higher plants, and microbial biofilms, and PS in the human body is mainly concentrated in the brain, accounting for about 15% of the total brain phospholipids. Meat and fish contain PS, and the content of PS in the brain or internal organs (such as liver and kidney) is higher, and the content of PS in dairy products and vegetables (except white beans) is very small.

Do you really know Phosphatidylserine?cid=4

Do you really know Phosphatidylserine?cid=4

Effects of phosphatidylserine

a. Boost brain function, improve memory and relieve brain fatigue

As we get older, phosphatidylserine and other important brain chemicals gradually decrease,resulting in weakened memory and cognition. PS supplementation can increase the number of brain spikes, the fluidity of brain cell membranes and promote glucose metabolism in brain cells, thereby making brain cells more active.

Phosphatidylserine supplementation has been widely used in some European countries to treat dementia and memory loss in old age caused

by aging.

Do you really know Phosphatidylserine?cid=4

b. Repair brain damage

PS is one of the main components of the nerves in the brain and has the activity to nourish and activate various enzymes in the brain, slowing down the process of neurotransmitter reduction and helping to repair and renew damaged cells in the brain and remove harmful substances.


c. Improve attention and relieve ADHD in children

ADHD in children is a common childhood mental illness with an incidence of about 3% and generally occurs under the age of 18. Foreign scholars have used PS for the treatment of ADHDand have shown that PS can calm children with ADHD and reduce destructive behavior.


d. Provide sports nutrition and relieve muscle fatigue

Optimizing the ratio of testosterone to cortisol in athletes is a challenge in sports medicine research. Supplementation of PS can significantly inhibit ACTH and cortisol produced by exercise, regulate T/C, inhibit the increase in cortisol content caused by exercise, and PS can reduce the body's response to training.

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